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audience reactions

An absolutely wonderful production. Well done. We hope to see you in future productions soon"

"The highlight of this odd summer. Absolutely brilliant"

"Wonderful. Just what we all needed. Thank you."

Absolutely loved this! Funny, fast paced and great use of topical banter. Brilliant. Thank you so much for bringing live theatre back to our lives."

"Loved it, Lots of Fun"

"We have just seen the streamed version of a Christmas Carol and loved it.  I am full of admiration for the way you have all been determined to keep theatre alive.  You are all wonderful.  Never give up.  Love to every single one of you."

"We had a wonderful time tonight. Your energy was amazing and such an entertaining retelling of a Christmas classic. Thank you!"

"Had such fun stewarding this today - laughed my socks off."

Brilliant show today by a brilliant cast! We loved it, thank you."

"Lovely end of summer treat and a great introduction to Shakespeare for my son."

Brilliant show - so cleverly thought out and very funny. You are all very talented and it was so nice to see live theatre again. Well done all of you and thank you!!"

"Brilliant! Haven't laughed so much in ages  Thanks Scoot, great afternoon."

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"Fantastic performance, brilliant acting and great fun for all the family! Thank you."

"Just saw the performance and it was superb - excellent entertainment, great for kids and kids (as a great intro to Shakespeare) but can't recommend this enough.

What a terrific take on this classic. Well adapted to fit within an hour.

Great actors who clearly tailored this for a family friendly setting and attacked it with professional gusto."

"A marvellous production, perfect for the current Covid situation and beautifully acted. What a talented cast.

"My face genuinely ached from laughing at ScootTheatre's CricketDream last night.

If you've been missing theatre and pint in the sun, make sure you grab yourself a ticket for the last couple of shows this weekend."

"I thought you did a brilliant job of translating it for the kids and condensing it without losing any of the essence of the play - the kids loved it and could tell me exactly what happened which is testimony to the acting and humour with which you imparted the story. Great afternoon thank you!"

"Absolutely loved the Scoot Theatre production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in Wimbledon yesterday - such a clever concept and all actors were awesome. Felt SO good to watch a live performance again, smiled from beginning to end."

Just saw the ScootTheatre performance of midsummer's nights dream - Brilliant cannot recommend it enough - the cast and music was top stuff."

"Just been to a wonderful version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the brilliant ScootTheatre company...They are a wonderful group, and if you haven’t already seen them yet, do make the effort to catch them on tour."

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"Great entertainment! What a wonderful idea and a marvellous performance. Thank you."

" Highly Recommended!! "

"ScootTheatre thank you for bringing the theatre to us this afternoon. Brilliant stuff. Even the rain didn’t spoil our experience- that’s how I know it was good. #TheatreNeverStops"

Loved the performance yesterday. Very clever production and lots of laughs!"

"Great family night out! Loved it."

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"What an absolutely brilliant show! Such incredible talent with the actors being amazing singers and musicians too! Can’t believe you packed the whole story into an hour! We all loved it. Thank you so much for a great night"

"Thank you for a fabulous afternoon, it really got us into the Christmas spirit. A fantastic funny production.”"

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"Its a fast paced barrel of fun - expertly performed by only 3 actors - with music and storytelling that will make you feel all lit up inside."

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We had a wonderful time tonight. Your energy was amazing and such an entertaining retelling of a Christmas classic. Thank you."

"Loved the performance yesterday. Very clever production and lots of laughs!"

"We came on Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Weve seen all three shows youve put on, theyve all been fab and we applaud you for working so hard to put on some live theatre in such difficult times. You are all amazing. Thank you!"

"My son and I enjoyed the most enchanting theatrical experience today watching #AChristmasCarol by #ScootTheatre at East Molesey Cricket Club.  Socially distanced, theatrically heartfelt and enriching. Thank you! Our hearts have been fed."

Absolutely loved the performance yesterday.  Fast paced, funny, but also poignant. I'm not sure how you packed the story in."

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"Guys, we feel honoured to have seen your performance, you were amazing."

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